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About Us

Tussock Innovation is passionate about IoT and smart technology.

Following four successful years of product development the team at Tussock Innovation launched Swiftlet. A product designed to simplify the customer development phase by providing a range of extremely low power IoT hardware connectivity options. The hardware is complemented by cloud software offering a base for a wide range of IoT product applications.      

Tussock Innovation uses their Swiftlet IP as a base for all of their partnership designs providing timely, reliable and feature rich outcomes. 

During Tussock Innovations first 4 years they developed over 40 unique products for a range of New Zealand's leading edge technology companies.

Tussock Innovation are designers and manufacturers of hardware and software products. Tussock Innovation solutions are designed with a focus on usability and cutting edge innovation. This often results in the creation of elegant solutions that are far more simple than the original concepts.

From their Dunedin base they have developed more than 40 unique hardware, firmware, and app products for leading New Zealand companies such as; Escea, ADInstruments and The Tarn Group.

Founded by Jesse Teat and Mark Butler in 2013, Tussock Innovation is an amalgamation of their skills and talent. Jesse’s expertise for bringing exciting hardware ideas to life is the perfect complement to Mark's software prowess.

Jesse and Mark are backed by an intelligent team with a diverse range of skills. Schematic, PCB and firmware development, software, apps and cloud connectivity round out the full suite of services. The Tussock team is encouraged to use their unique capabilities on each project that the company undertakes.

Keeping abreast of international technology developments and best practice methods ensures that Tussock Innovation has a toolbox full of practical, state-of-art solutions.

Having grown up in Central Otago, Jesse and Mark are practically minded and connected to rural New Zealand. Jesse is an experienced alpine skier, who competed for New Zealand at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Mark also has a huge passion for the outdoors. Their backgrounds in outdoor sport and shared love of science and problem solving come together in the Tussock Innovation name.

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