Swiftlet Production and Testing

Some images from our latest production run of Swiftlet radios. 30 new units getting ready to gather data and control things. Shown below is the Swiftlet L, a LoraWAN enabled Swiftlet which will be used by the NGConnect group to monitor road side mud tanks. The Swiftlet radios are part of the Swiftlet ecosystem and are targeted at reducing the number of obstacles while creating a connected product or smart device. The Swiftlet ecosystem provides manufacturers and users with the ability to discover, learn and interact with their products and the world surrounding them.

A New Look For The Escea iPhone App

As part of our ongoing relationship with Escea Gas Fires, we have recently completed an overhaul of their Smart Heat iPhone app. This app allows escea customers to control their gas fires remotely, ensuring they can return to a warm home after a hard days work. Escea were pioneers of Smart Appliance technology, adding internet connectivity to their range of luxury gas fires well before the big push for an Internet of Things began. Tussock Innovation is proud to work with escea on continuous development of their Smart Heat fire controllers, providing Firmware, Desktop Software and App development services as required, and keeping the system up to date with the latest technologies.

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