Breaking into the San Francisco Mint with T-Mobile

San Francisco USA, T-Mobile are pushing boundaries and breaking in NB-IoT at the San Francisco Mint with a team from Tussock Innovation in support. As Kiwis we are always striving to push boundaries, be disruptive and make a true difference for our customers, which is what makes T-Mobile a perfect partner. Tonight we will be tweaking the Waterwatch LS1 water level sensor to target another liquid so dear to us. The LS1 will focus on a drought of epic proportions. Can and will the T-Mobile beer tower stay full? Will the LS1 give the team enough warning as the crowds sip away on the best of San Francisco's amber ale? Stay tuned as we head into a week of action at #MWCA17 #TMobileIoT #NBIoT

5G IoT testing in Seattle

Our team are working on what we believe to be New Zealand's first 5G NB-IoT cellular product - the Waterwatch LS1. Thanks to some of the

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