HomeSense Goes Live

Tussock Innovation are proud to release HomeSense a system for improving well-being through smart decisions and improved indoor air quality. HomeSense combines smart battery powered sensors, user input and machine learning to provide personalised feedback about the air quality of your home, office or rental home. Based on HomeSense feedback people are able to fine tune their way of living to reducing ​headaches and drowsiness, eye, nose and throat irritation, allergic skin reactions, asthma and other ailments relating to reduced indoor air quality. Tussock Innovation will initially be offering HomeSense in Australasia. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of HomeSense please conta

Is it time for clean swimmable water?

Our CEO Jesse recently met with Heather Wright from The Download to talk about how Waterwatch can help protect our water quality and citizens. Here are a few quotes from The Download article. “The Waterwatch sensors can be used as an early warning system in waterways, storm water drains and sewerage systems, allowing councils and their contractors to raise flags and so prevent damage to both public and private property.” “But our system handles things like the early warning call-outs that alert the companies looking after infrastructure for a council [regarding] the state of the pumping stations, manholes or sumps they are monitoring,” “If IoT wasn’t a thing, we wouldn’t be able to do that.

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