HomeSense for Your Health

Is a system designed to improve well-being through smart decisions and improved indoor air quality.


HomeSense combines smart battery powered sensors, user input and machine learning to provide personalised feedback about the air quality of your home, office or rental home. Based on HomeSense feedback people are able to fine tune their way of living to reduce;

  • Headaches and drowsiness

  • Eye, nose and throat irritation

  • Allergic skin reactions

  • Asthma 

  • Frequency of coughs and colds.

These symptoms are all common to reduced indoor air quality.

Enquire about HomeSense today and begin your journey to better health.

HomeSense for Rental Properties

Protecting your assets is important and this is where HomeSense shines. The HomeSense alarm is an approved* photoelectric smoke alarm with 8 year battery life expectancy. 

For the rental market HomeSense is able to monitor the condition of each installed smoke alarm. Using artificial intelligence the HomeSense cloud notifies property owners or their selected agents about the state of their asset and suggests appropriate options.

  • Maintains compliance by scheduling battery or alarm changes. 

  • Prevents mould avoiding costly repairs.

  • Understands more about the quality of your housing.  

HomeSense is powered by Sigfox


How does HomeSense help improve health? 

Information from the HomeSense sensor is passed securely to the cloud where it is processed and displayed for you to view trends. The true power of HomeSense is unveiled when you begin to input health data into the mobile app. HomeSense then offers feedback based on your health input and how it may relate to your specific indoor air quality.


  1. John has an office that gets afternoon sun. He occasionally gets tired and has noticed that his concentration is worse at work between 2 and 5pm. He places HomeSense in his office and after a few days begins to receive suggestions. HomeSense notifies John that his office is becoming too warm in the afternoon. It also finds that the volatile organic compound count rises which could be leading to fatigue and drowsiness. John decides to take action and opens his door and a window slightly improving airflow. 

  2. John also has an asthmatic daughter and would like to help reduce her symptoms. He places HomeSense in her bedroom. It is convenient as he needed to replace the smoke alarm in her room as it has expired. HomeSense goes to work as a smoke alarm but it also notifies John that humidity in his daughters room is above 50%. This could be contributing to her symptoms so John purchases a portable dehumidifier.   

My Landlord has HomeSense how does it work? 

Information from the HomeSense for landlords system includes battery and system status information. It can be use to avoid costly damage to their property and help provide a safe living environment for tenants.


  1. Riccardo has 5 rental properties. He knows that he must provide functional smoke alarms for each of those tenancies. To avoid the hassle of checking the smoke alarms every few months Riccardo chooses HomeSense. HomeSense helps Riccardo keep up to date with his tenancy obligation behind the scenes by continuously monitoring smoke alarm system health and providing advanced notification of any service requirements.

  2. Riccardos tenant Maria has seen the HomeSense system and would like to activate the air quality features so that she has more awareness of her newborns bedroom temperature. She signs up and can use HomeSense health features.

The HomeSense Alarm 

The HomeSense is an extremely low power Internet of Things system developed by Tussock Innovation. It uses sensor fusion to combine a number of readings from different sensors into usable data for indoor air quality measurements.

The Science

The people behind HomeSense are passionate about science. If you would like to learn more about indoor air quality we have included some helpful links. 

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