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The Final GigStart Award Goes To...

When Dunedin won the Gigatown competition back in 2014 the directors at Tussock Innovation pondered how we could take advantage of such a great opportunity.

In 2015 we launched ourselves into the Chorus and Nokia supported NGConnect community and volunteered our skills in an attempt to solve Dunedin's storm water problems.

Two years later having spent thousands of hours developing prototypes of our Swiftlet platform we are proud to be given an award recognising the potential of our concept. On December the 14th we were awarded part of the $207,000 that Nokia and Chorus donated to Dunedin start-up companies for the Gigatown prize. 100% percent of our prize money will go toward the Swiftlet Live product to be launched in March 2017.

Thank you to all those who were involved in bringing Gigatown to Dunedin the sponsors and the people of Dunedin who worked hard to win the prize. We are stoked to have your support.

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