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5G IoT testing in Seattle

Mark our CTO and Campbell, Tussock Innovation​'s best firmware engineer have landed in Seattle and are now working from the T-Mobile campus lab in Bellevue. They are working on what we believe to be New Zealand's first 5G NB-IoT cellular product - the Waterwatch LS1. Why T-Mobile? At this stage there is no 5G network in New Zealand so the next best option was to head to the USA. Thanks to some of the great GigCity Dunedin​ connections that we have made with the likes of Chorus and the Nokia ng Connect Program​ we have been able to get access to 5G. Here is a sneak preview of the inner workings of our 5G test devices made here in NZ and 5G enabled thanks to u-blox​ and U-Blox America Inc​ . For those with a keen eye you will also pick parts from Texas Instruments​ and Antenova​ . #msp432 #ublox #GSMA #cc2650 #MWCA1


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