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The Sigfox Solution

If you are involved in the IoT space, you would have probably heard of Sigfox, an advanced wireless network operator taking the world by storm. Sigfox is a French-based global network operator founded in 2009 that builds wireless networks to connect low-powered technologies emitting small amounts of data.

At Tussock Innovation, we use the Sigfox network for our many of our IoT devices to communicate with online dashboards. The Sigfox solution is designed to provide low energy consumption and simplify communication with small packages of data at a time. This allows devices to operate continuously for many years, without requiring maintenance.

With the world moving towards readily available data, accessible to all, the low cost and wide global coverage of the Sigfox network makes it possible. Now,1 billion people in 65 countries have access to real time data for informed decision making. Sigfox is also compatible with Bluetooth, GPS and Wifi, further improving user experience and business cases.

Sigfox Use Cases

- Supply chain and logistics

- Manufacturing

- Smart Cities

- Utilities and energy

- Smart buildings

- Retail

- Agriculture

- Home and lifestyle

- Insurance

The Waterwatch sensors made by Tussock Innovation operate on the Sigfox network as well as various low powered cellular networks (including NB-IoT and CAT-M1) to fit the products key requirements. The sensors are often installed in remote areas with minimal coverage and can be difficult to access on a regular basis. Designed for long term field deployment, extended battery life and minimal maintenance is important. Regular measurements allow for comprehensive monitoring of waterways and accessible data for vulnerable communities.



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