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Dunedin neuroscientist and physiologist Dr Karl Iremonger has been awarded one of the University of Otago’s highest research honours, the 2019 Rowheath Trust Award and Carl Smith Medal.

We are proud to have worked alongside Karl, developing the software and hardware used in his research, understanding how stress circuits in the brain process information and adapt in a changing environment.

Dr Iremonger’s research focuses on an area of the brain called the hypothalamus, which controls many survival functions such as appetite, temperature and stress responses.

He is currently researching how brain cells in the hypothalamus process and adapt to stress. This involves live imaging of brain cells using both microscopes and fibre optic technology.

UoO wrote: Not only is the research cutting edge, the technology behind it is too – some of it is designed in-house. “We have actually had to develop our own equipment,” Dr Iremonger says. “When we started this, there just wasn’t a lot of commercially available stuff out there, so we had to work with a local Dunedin company and build our own.”

With our technology, Karl is now able to conduct studies on live test subjects and monitor real interactions between stress and the brain's response.

Congratulations to Dr Iremonger and his team.


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