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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the interaction between computer-generated objects and the real world environment. Components of the digital world (sound, text, images etc) are blended into peoples perception of the real world through an immersive experience - usually using superimposed computer-generated content.

We are beginning to see what AR can provide when it comes to experiences, solving problems and creating value for users, and it is likely that this technology will become increasingly integrated with our day to day lives as these benefits are further explored.

For anything from education to entertainment, immersive technologies have the power to revolutionise the way we experience the world around us. All the technology leaders are investing in AR in one way or another and are working to leverage the technology’s capabilities to serve mainstream audiences.

AR technologies let users to visualise information and apply it to the outside world. It can help understand data at a quick glance or visualise large amounts of data at once. The data is supplied by an online platform or app and layered on top of a live camera feed.

Waterwatch, a Tussock Innovation brand, uses a secure cloud-based online platform to present data collected from IoT sensors. We have really enjoyed watching our customers and partners use the information provided by Waterwatch, and add their own twist. Meat & Livestock Australia has been building on, adapting and extracting data from our products to create a new perspective using AR. They have done a great job of bringing together a creative group of companies to revolutionise the smart farming industry.

This app will reduce wasted time and labour checking systems throughout the farm station. It is a fun way to quickly view water levels ad identify areas that need to be attended to. Levels are displayed in a bubble above the tanks, dams, streams and troughs throughout the farm. A simple tap leads the user to Waterwatch Live to provide more information on the status of the tank and displays historical data. This is a first glance into what could be the future of data presentation.

Find the video here


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