We are extremely proud of the smart technology and solutions that we have developed along with our partners. This page shows a variety of these products and explains why that technology was selected.

The Swiftlet ecosystem of products encompasses the core technology used in Tussock Innovation, and partner products.

Consisting of an IoT cloud platform, ultra low power telemetry hardware, and several radio solutions, the Swiftlet platform provides a turnkey solution for companies looking to develop internet connected products.

The Swiftlet is mass produced in two main variants: Sigfox and cellular LTE NB-IoT and M1. 


An IoT indoor air quality sensor and smoke alarm with up to 8 years battery life.

The HomeSense is a EN14604,CPR,UL217/268 approved photoelectric smoke alarm with an 8 year battery life expectancy. It is designed for simiple setup and installation providing up to date alarm status and air quality information directly to the internet. Air quality measurements include temperature, humidity and volatile organic compounds providing a rich set of data for improving indoor air quality and health.


Waterwatch is a remote water level monitoring solution. Waterwatch sensors provide city councils valuable insight into the performance of water infrastructure and play a key role in flood abatement during heavy rain events.

Other applications include tank level monitoring, river and pond level monitoring.

This product is designed for ultra low power remote monitoring. It features a very simple setup with no wires, external power or solar panels. It has two operating modes threshold detection and periodic data transmit. It has up to 50km radio range and makes use of existing infrastructure grade Sigfox or cellular networks. 

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